New year, new job!

Starting in January 2018, I am officially appointed by The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station as and Assistant Agricultural Scientist I.  Looking forward to new research avenues, maintain old collaborations and establish new ones.


Genetics behind tsetse Trypanosome infection

Our most recent paper in G3 describes how we integrated different genomic resources from two tsetse fly specie: Glossina fuscipes and Glossina morsitans to identify candidate regions in the genome related to susceptibility to Trypanosome infection.

Netherlands’ aegypti

Our paper “The first detected airline introductions of yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) to Europe, at Schiphol International airport, the Netherlands” is available in Parasites & Vectors.

Five wonderful years

Time to say goodbye to the Powell lab. I will be starting my new job as a Research Scientist at the CT Agricultural Research Station in early January. Good thing is that collaborations will continue and … that I am only three blocks away!