Last publications of 2019

Here are the two that made it to the 2019 list:

Gloria-Soria, A., Soghigian, J., Kellner, D. and Powell, J.R., 2019. Genetic diversity of laboratory strains and implications for research: The case of Aedes aegypti. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13(12), p.e0007930.

Armstrong, P.M., Ehrlich, H.Y., Magalhaes, T., Miller, M.R., Conway, P.J., Bransfield, A., Misencik, M.J., Gloria-Soria, A., Warren, J.L., Andreadis, T.G. and Shepard, J.J., Foy, B.D., Pitzer, V.E., Brackney, D.E. 2019. Successive blood meals enhance virus dissemination within mosquitoes and increase transmission potential. Nature Microbiology, pp.1-9.